Gotham City is the home of Batman.

Notable Areas, Landmarks, Institutions and Businesses Edit

Major facets of Gotham City include:

  • Ace Chemical Processing Inc.
  • Amusement Mile — An amusement park in Gotham, lined with ferriswheels, rollercoasters, and other attractions typical of a theme park.
  • Blackgate Penitentiary — The city’s main prison, located on Blackgate Isle.
  • The Bowery — Gotham City's worst neighborhood. Bordered by Crime Alley to the north, The Bowery is home to Crown Point, a smaller inner-district ridden with crime, homelessness, and prostitution.
  • Brentwood Academy — A privately run high school.
  • The Cauldron — An area known for organized crime. The Irish Mob runs most of The Cauldron and it is home to some of the most prestigious hitmen in the city.
  • The Clocktower — A tower in central Gotham.
  • Chinatown — Gotham's primary Asian district.
  • Crime Alley — A small side street, located in the East End, formally "Park Row." It is a dangerous, crime-infested area. This is where Joe Chill killed Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of their young son, Bruce, after the family had visited a cinema.
  • The East End — An underdeveloped part of Gotham laden with poverty, crime, prostitution, and the circulation of illegal drugs.
  • Falcone Penthouse — This was the home of Carmine Falcone before Two-Face killed him.
  • Fashion District
  • Financial District
  • Finnigan's — A bar popular with uniformed police officers in Gotham.
  • Gotham County High School — A public high school.
  • Gotham Docks — This is the city's harbor.
  • Gotham Heights — An affluent area also known as "Bristol" and/or "Crest Hill", due to mutual proximity of the three neighborhoods. This is where Wayne Manor is located.
  • Gotham Square
  • Gotham Village — A bohemian area.
  • Grand Avenue — The city's main theatre district.
  • The Hill
  • The Iceberg Lounge — A nightclub in the city center operated by the Penguin.
  • Killinger's Department Store — A large department store.
  • Monarch Playing Card Co. — The playing card factory adjacent to Ace Chemical Processing
  • My Alibi — An underworld bar in the city center.
  • New Town- An area in which during the No Man's Land series, was the district operated by the Ventriloquist and his puppet Scarface.
  • Old Gotham — The Gotham district more well-known for the location of the Clock Tower and the GCPD headquarters.
  • Plant Factory
  • Robinson Park — The city’s main park. During "No Man's Land," Poison Ivy claimed this area as her own.
  • The Stacked Deck — A seedy nightclub where the most notorious criminals in Gotham go to hide out sometimes.
  • The Statue of Justice — Also known as "Lady Gotham," this is a monument situated off shore of the city. It varies in that the figure has a blindfold over her eyes, and a sword and scales in her outstretched hands.
  • Slaughter Swamp — Just outside Gotham, this swamp 'birthed' Solomon Grundy, a frequent villain to Alan Scott.
  • Tricorner — An island at the southwest corner of Gotham City. It is home to the Tricorner Yards.
  • Toxic Acres — An abandoned neighborhood of newly built houses, unsuitable for habitation due to its proximity to a toxic waste dump. To prevent illness, those entering or staying in the area need to use gas masks or take antivenin. At one-time Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn used the area as a hideout.
  • Wayne Manor — Also referred to as "Wayne Mansion" or "Stately Wayne Manor," this is the mansion estate of Bruce Wayne, and the location of the Batcave.
  • Wayne Tower — This is the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises, located at the corner of Finger and Broome Streets.
  • Aparo Expressway
  • Aparo Park
  • Archie Goodwin International Airport
  • Barr Town
  • Cape Carmine
  • Davis Avenue
  • Dixon Dock
  • Finger River
  • Finger Memorial Park
  • Grant Park
  • Kane County Morgue
  • Miller Harbor
  • Novick Tunnel
  • Puckett Park
  • Robbinsville
  • Robinson Plaza
  • R.H. Kane Building
  • Robert Kane Memorial Bridge
  • Sprang Bridge
  • Sprang River
  • The Westward Bridge

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