The doctor (1)
220px-Rose Tyler


Science Fiction Double Feature Picture Show is an episode of The Death Star.


- Darth Vader

- The Emporer

- The Tenth Doctor

- Rose Tyler

- Harry Potter

- Ron Weasley

- Hermione Granger

- TK509

- Captain Jack Harkness

- Captain John Hart

- Scotty

- Lupin

- Snape


- The clip of the TARDIS comes from the Doctor Who episode "The Impossible Planet."

- The audio clips come from the episodes: DW: The Impossible Planet, Blink, Voyage of the Damned, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Utopia TW: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang SJA: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

- The Doctor is completely voiced by David Tennant.
Time Machine

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